Work or Play

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When I was young my favorite toys were plastic horses. I didn’t just collect them and put them on a shelf. No, I got them out almost daily and played with them. I played make believe because we didn’t have computers or the Internet or prefabricated play barns or stuff like that. Instead I used empty shoe boxes and the legs under the dining room table to “build” my stable and house my trusty steeds. I “fed” my horses shredded Kleenex for hay and made up lots of elaborate stories about wild ponies that needed to be rescued and trained. Naturally, I always played the part of the heroine cowgirl.


¬†When I got a little older I progressed to the real deal. And I’ve never looked back. I’d like to imagine the young lady in the photo is a lot like I was at her age; more happy being with real horses than collecting them and putting them on a shelf.