Faydels Faatiha


04-29-84 – 01-06-11

I traded a miserable cuss of a Quarter Horse for this little dapple gray Arabian mare. She was everything I didn’t want: A grey, a mare and an Arabian. Oh, how I soon ate those words! She could dance like a butterfly, but sting like a bee. She was lead mare and Alpha in every respect, but she was strong and wise beyond her years. Riding Tia was the closest I’ve ever come to perfection, to being one with my horse. And I admit with hindsight that there were times when I didn’t know the precious gift I had. Tia gave me her all for over two decades. She wasn’t sweet or kind or cuddly, but what she lacked in affection she made up for in effort. I simply can’t recall there ever being a single thing she refused to do, no matter how foolish or dangerous. I could trust her with my life, and often did.

In the mist

There will never be another Tia. I knew that when she died, but a year later I’m just starting to realize what that means in the core of my soul. I know I’ll miss her every day for the rest of my life, but I’m glad we shared a small part of our journey together.

Sa, sa, sweet girl!


The Bean


Gamaars Reflexion

“Finale”  “The Bean”

08-06-84 – 10-13-11


Oh my goodness …. The Bean. There is just so much I could say about this gregarious boy! Goofy, quirky, stubborn, lovable, The Bean had personality to burn. A full son of the great Gamaar, The Bean was born on a racing farm and bred to run. And run like the wind he did. Bought in the late winter of 1988, The Bean was my husband’s first horse. Rookie that my husband was, it was love at first sight, but The Bean was custom made for the him. They grew up together and were the best of friends and the rider my husband is today can probably be traced to those early years spent riding The Bean.


A good shake!


I rode the Bean from time to time, but his need for speed and his high action trot were more than my back could take. I did love his walk though … he walked like he had important business waiting for him somewhere, and like all movers and shakers, he’d saunter along his head bobbing gently, his ears flicking to and fro as he went his merry way. And make no mistake about it, everything The Bean did was done HIS way! But you couldn’t get mad at that boy. He was such a clown.


The Bean had a serious side too. He was the Alpha horse here, the little gelding who could and would rule the paddock with the twist of an ear or the blink of an eye. He never bullied another horse … he didn’t have to. Every horse he met gave Beanie a wide berth and bowed to His Majesty. And I never saw The Bean take advantage of his royal status either. He was just large and in charge and that was that.



It’s not a contest, but if pressed I couldn’t say which horse I miss more. They lived their lives here together and were very bonded … with us and with each other. Bean was never the same after Tia died and though I never thought he’d follow her so soon, I can’t feel too bad about that. In my heart I know they’re together again now, waiting for us to join them someday.


10 thoughts on “Remembrance

  1. You never ever forget a remarkable horse. My first horse Duchess (a Saddlebred/Quarter Horse cross mare) will always have a place in my heart.

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