Name Game

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I didn’t get to name my horse. It’s not that I don’t like her name, but Dharla probably isn’t what I would have chosen to name her if the choice was mine. It’s a little too foo-foo for me. But now that I’ve had her a few years I’m used to her name and I wouldn’t think of changing it. I don’t know how the breeders arrived at the name Dharla, but I’m sure they had some kind of reason for choosing it. It has no association to either her sire or dam, which is not unusual for Arabian horse names. It could have been something as simple as naming all foals born in that year with a name that started with a D. That isn’t uncommon in both the horse and dog world.


I was named after my paternal grandmother. My father’s only sister also bears the same name. And while it’s not an uncommon name, the pronunciation is different than most people would think. The Ch is supposed to be hard, like in the word ‘chair,’ not soft as in the word Sherry. Only my mother-in-law, immediate family and a few close friends ever pronounce my name properly and I never correct those who mess it up. I’ve always been a little embarrassed that my name is somewhat different in that respect. And I’ve never liked the name anyway. No disrespect meant toward my dearly departed grandmother. My older sister’s name is Mikel, which back in the 50’s was very unusual.  I’ve always wished our names could have been switched. She was never thrilled with her name either and it didn’t suit her at all. But like my horses name, we’ve grown accustomed to our names and I guess they probably fit us now.

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