Spring has Sprung




I was riding quite a bit until I got bogged down supervising a seriously large landscaping project. We had a crew in to do more tree and landscape work around the new barn and it required being present to answer lots of on-the-spot questions. Try as I might, it was impossible to carve out enough time to get my routine chores done and the dogs exercised and have enough time left over to ride. Seemed like every time I thought I could break free I was needed to discuss and decide something or other. Unfortunately, that was also the nicest stretch of weather we’ve had this spring. Good for getting landscape projects done, but I think I may have missed some of the best spring riding. Today it’s windy and quite cold. The thermometer is barely showing a chilly 50 and it’s rainy and damp. They say tomorrow might be better, but that remains to be seen.

Dharla has been doing great! I’ve done some very nice trail rides as well as some good ring work. I’m please with her growth and maturity. The miles are starting to really pay off. Aldo still rides her once every other weekend or so, which means she’s getting exposure to things I won’t probably do with her when I ride. Not that we wuss out, but I ride predominantly alone so there are certain risks it doesn’t make sense to take. I have a neighbor who has ridden most of her life and was seriously injured in a riding accident last weekend. She was out trail riding alone. Good thing she was carrying a cell phone and was able to get a signal. I saw Lifestar fly over my house, but never dreamed it had someone I knew on board … with nine broken ribs and a punctured lung. Yeah, that made me recommit to wearing my helmet (I do!) and taking a few safety precautions before I hit the trail.

I’m hoping after the holiday I can get out and pick up where we left off. Perhaps this cold snap will keep the onslaught of bugs away for a few more weeks? Hot humid (non-riding) weather will be here before we know it and I’ll be dragging my feet again.