Y(R)ear End!




I haven’t posted much here lately. Between the eye problems and the bad weather I haven’t ridden much in weeks. Dharla has been getting out on the weekends with Aldo. I finally decided he ought to ride her a little since he’ll expose her to things I normally won’t do with her. My days of risky stuff or super challenging rides are over. He reports that a little initial “feel good” buck aside, she’s been taking things in stride.

I’ll look forward to better weather and the opportunity to resume riding in the warmer months to come!


Happy trails!

2 thoughts on “Y(R)ear End!

  1. I hope you too have more happy trails and no more unhappy trials in 2013. You’ve had a rotten time over the past year or two but I admire your guts and gusto to keep on posting wonderful photos and feisty commentary. Great stuff, please don’t stop! Very best wishes and “Bonne Année” to you and yours at Curtale Farm 😀

  2. Happy New Year to you. I never ride in the winter, I think it does everyone good to have some time off. I hope the new year brings you some better times/health. Again, you have tremendous gifts.

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