Got out for another really short, quick ride today. This time I spent most of the ride in the woods, but I still think I see a nice change in my horse. It’s like she’s less spooky and more settled or something. I don’t know why and I can only attribute it to having taken some time off this summer. Maybe Dharla grew up or passed that point where she isn’t quite so immature anymore. Whatever it is, I like it a lot and I hope it sticks. I haven’t done any ring work with her in a LONG time. I might give that a try soon and see what I’ve got. I get the sense that she’s not real big on ring work. That doesn’t surprise me much. Some horses just like trail riding more and are better suited to it. Still, there are a couple of things I’d like to work on with her, so it might be worth the time and effort to put in a little ring time. We’ll see. I’m not big on it either, so it’s kind of easy to talk myself out of it on a nice day like today!

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