What happened?



Spring, that’s what happened! The barn has been started (Yippee!) and to add to the chaos, both Aldo and I have been sick. Aldo came down with a fever and cold-like symptoms last Saturday night. He very rarely gets sick, so I quickly whipped up some homemade chicken soup and a few other comfort foods that I knew he’d eat. Meanwhile, all the chores which he typically covers on the weekend (to give me a little break), fell on my shoulders. No big deal. Even though I look forward to a little time off from my routine, I can rise to the occasion. The weather was damp, damp, damp, with lots of rain and cool muggy nights. Not the best kind of weather for a deep wracking cough and a fever. Unfortunately, by Tuesday night I knew I was going to follow suit and get sick.

I didn’t get the fever, but I got the congestion, a bad “unproductive” cough and a bucket load of exhaustion. Funny, how the same germs develop different symptoms for each host. Most colds go directly to my lungs and I’m prone to bronchitis, which is always a concern since I take antibiotics every day that can mask the symptoms of a more serious problem. Both of us were hitting the hay by 8:30 or 9, totally confusing the dogs who typically don’t go out for last call until 10:3o or so, but it was our hope that plenty of rest would purge this bug.

Upon waking Friday I launched into such a violent fit of coughing that I came dangerously close to dry heaves. Unfortunately, in the midst of coughing up a lung I pulled something in my lower back. It feels like a herniated disc. I know exactly what that feels like having lived with them (yes, plural) for a good eight years prior to my spinal fusion. But it can’t be that. I must have pulled or strained a muscle, or something to that effect.

So now my “cold” has improved somewhat, but my back not so much. I’m pretty miserable, especially since the last two days would have been drop-dead gorgeous days to ride. I tried to talk myself into going for a quiet little ride yesterday. I downed a few ibuprofen, changed my clothes, grabbed my helmet and stepped out the door, but the spasms stopped me. I knew I was kidding myself. I’m so good at blocking pain that I often talk myself into taking on stuff I have no business doing. So I went back inside and changed out of my riding clothes and put my stuff away. I spent some time just hanging out with Dharla, brushing her and just being with her. That was the best I could do.

Today the cold is so-so. I’m not coughing as much because I’m trying to guard my back I guess. The spasms are still there. Not good. I probably need to take a chill pill, but I’ve got too many things on my “to do” list right now.

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