6-10 & 6-11, 2012


I’m not sure what WP is up to lately, but it apparently they’ve been making some changes. Either my bad eye has gotten worse or you have to click a photo now to see it with better resolution. I think that’s a pretty dumb change, but there you have it.

After spending most of last week sick or taking care of someone sick, I finally got out for a ride last evening and again this morning. Yesterday was another spectacular spring day with a nice breeze and no sign of heat or humidity. I worked like a maniac outside all day only to see my husband ride off around 1 PM. I continued to try to get as much stuff done as possible knowing that eventually the crappy humidity will arrive and I won’t be able to get things done. By 6 PM I had the choice to stop and go grocery shopping or take a ride. Still no sign of the husband, so I decided to ride. Late Sunday is usually a good time to hit the trail since most people have to get back home and think about dinner and school. (Kids don’t get out of school here until late June.) It was a beautiful night to ride and it felt good to be back in the saddle after a long miserable week. Dharla was a bit spooky, probably due to the fact that it was much later in the day than we usually ride and the shadows were getting a bit long. I just kind of went with things. I’ve learned to pick my battles with her.

Time: 1.75 hrs.

Distance: 5.5 miles

Monday’s ride was short, but we did a nice loop through the woods. It’s a bit more still today and the humidity is going to climb if the sun ever decides to make an appearance. The barn guys called early to say they were not going to be here today, so I thought I should try to get out again before getting snowed under with chores.

Time: 1.25 hours

Distance: 3.5 (hilly) miles


What happened?



Spring, that’s what happened! The barn has been started (Yippee!) and to add to the chaos, both Aldo and I have been sick. Aldo came down with a fever and cold-like symptoms last Saturday night. He very rarely gets sick, so I quickly whipped up some homemade chicken soup and a few other comfort foods that I knew he’d eat. Meanwhile, all the chores which he typically covers on the weekend (to give me a little break), fell on my shoulders. No big deal. Even though I look forward to a little time off from my routine, I can rise to the occasion. The weather was damp, damp, damp, with lots of rain and cool muggy nights. Not the best kind of weather for a deep wracking cough and a fever. Unfortunately, by Tuesday night I knew I was going to follow suit and get sick.

I didn’t get the fever, but I got the congestion, a bad “unproductive” cough and a bucket load of exhaustion. Funny, how the same germs develop different symptoms for each host. Most colds go directly to my lungs and I’m prone to bronchitis, which is always a concern since I take antibiotics every day that can mask the symptoms of a more serious problem. Both of us were hitting the hay by 8:30 or 9, totally confusing the dogs who typically don’t go out for last call until 10:3o or so, but it was our hope that plenty of rest would purge this bug.

Upon waking Friday I launched into such a violent fit of coughing that I came dangerously close to dry heaves. Unfortunately, in the midst of coughing up a lung I pulled something in my lower back. It feels like a herniated disc. I know exactly what that feels like having lived with them (yes, plural) for a good eight years prior to my spinal fusion. But it can’t be that. I must have pulled or strained a muscle, or something to that effect.

So now my “cold” has improved somewhat, but my back not so much. I’m pretty miserable, especially since the last two days would have been drop-dead gorgeous days to ride. I tried to talk myself into going for a quiet little ride yesterday. I downed a few ibuprofen, changed my clothes, grabbed my helmet and stepped out the door, but the spasms stopped me. I knew I was kidding myself. I’m so good at blocking pain that I often talk myself into taking on stuff I have no business doing. So I went back inside and changed out of my riding clothes and put my stuff away. I spent some time just hanging out with Dharla, brushing her and just being with her. That was the best I could do.

Today the cold is so-so. I’m not coughing as much because I’m trying to guard my back I guess. The spasms are still there. Not good. I probably need to take a chill pill, but I’ve got too many things on my “to do” list right now.