I meant to get out and ride yesterday, I really did, but my garden got in the way. I’ve got all my annuals and the handful of veggies I grow and once I have those staring at me I can’t relax until they’re planted and settled in. I thought I’d work on a few floral beds for a bit in the early morning, then saddle up and go for a ride. It was a perfect day for riding; not too hot, nice sun, big puffy clouds, a gentle breeze. But the more I did the faster time went and the next thing I knew it was noon. I took a little breather to rehydrate, then started right back up again, telling myself I’d take a break at one or two and ride. By the time that rolled around my back was shot and I knew I wasn’t in any shape to try to ride.

This is my dilemma. If I ride early, then my back is shot and I can’t get anything more done that day. If I postpone riding until after I’ve gotten a few things done, then I run the risk of my back being too fatigued to ride. While I’ve worked very hard to condition my back to withstand a lot more than I ever dreamed, I’m still far more limited than I like to admit. Normally, this isn’t a big problem except for those times of year when I have to get a lot done. Spring and fall are the heavy hitters.

So I didn’t get to ride. I did spend a good amount of time grooming both horses. I’m using that Bio Spot stuff for ticks and I think it makes them itchy like Advantix does with the dogs. So both horses had gone down back and found a nice muddy place to roll. I cleaned them up at morning feeding, then they went back down and rolled again. So they both got a repeat grooming session.

I don’t know if I’ll get the chance to ride today. The weather’s back to crap …. again. I live in the wrong place to have horses.

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