Lots of Rides




5-17, 18, 19, 20 2012

Yup, I’ve fallen behind. Spring comes in hard  and heavy here and while I’ve been getting out to ride, I’ve also been working my brains out in my yard and gardens. Oh, and we have a barn that’s about to be built, starting some time this week if it ever quits raining.

I’ve had some really nice trail rides on Dharla, both alone and with some new folks. I was out on a trail one day last week when Dharla alerted me to something ahead. We stopped and listened … I cant’ see very far down the trail now that the leaves have come in on the trees. Sure enough, I heard voices. I figured it was a couple of ladies on mountain bikes or just hiking, but much to my surprise it turned out to be two women on horseback!

We introduced ourselves and chatted for a bit. Turns out one of the women is involved in endurance riding. She has several horses and her husband rides as well. That day she was out with a friend who was riding her husband’s horse. With nothing to write with or on, we tried to memorize some information in hopes that we might contact each other sometime in the future to ride together. I shot her an Email when I got home and we made a tentative date to ride on the weekend.

Both the husband and I met up with R. and her husband on Saturday morning. We did a couple of local trails and got an idea of what they’ve ridden in our area. It looks like R. might be someone I can ride with on occasion. She’s experienced and knows her way around our neck of the woods, which helps. Her horses have experience with the type of things we encounter on everyday rides and I don’t have to worry about trying to babysit her or her horse while I’m exposing Dharla to new things too! (Yikes!)

I start up with lessons (English) again next week. I’m about 6 weeks or so behind schedule starting, but my eye surgery put me behind. Even though I continued to ride Dharla anyway, I didn’t think it was right to ride elsewhere without my doctor’s OK. I’m really looking forward to getting back into a weekly routine as there are things I want to learn to do better so I can work with my own horse more effectively.

4 thoughts on “Lots of Rides

  1. Love this photograph! Ever since we had horses when I was little I’ve loved them, unfortunately we got rid of the horses when I was 8 :\ But thank you for bringing back all the great memories of them! 🙂 Keep up the great pictures!


    • Yup! That’s my little babyface! If you compare this photo with her baby pics, she still looks exactly the same, only bigger. She’s the funniest looking horse … sometimes I think she’s beautiful, other times she looks kind of goofy. I can’t figure her out!

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