Still Alive



Holy cow, it’s been a crazy week or more! First things first. I’ve got the official medical OK to ride. Ha, ha. Anyone who’s been reading my journal knows I’ve been riding anyway, but I was doing it under the guise of what-they-don’t-know-won’t-hurt-them. (Pretty twisted thinking, but that’s a horsewoman for ya!) Hurt who? The retinal specialist? Pffft! Like my doctor would care if I fell off my horse and tore or detached my retina again! Cha-ching. No, I’m getting the bills now for my little eye escapade and I think I can pretty much conclude that the doctor wouldn’t mind a bit. I have a suggestion for young readers out there in blog land who haven’t decided what career to pursue. Study eyes, specifically retinas. They get $2,500 for a 15-minute, in-office laser procedure. Unless you win the Kentucky Derby, that so trumps horse training.

Speaking of D-day, did anyone watch it? It’s a tradition here, but we had plans that prevented our watching it so we taped it and watched it a day later. I think we’ll do that again next year as it was nice to be able to fast forward through all the pre-race nonsense and hype.

So I’ve gotten in a few rides. Nothing crazy, but it’s averaged out to about one ride every 2 days or so. I’ve also been doing some ground work and lunging down in the arena if have the time. Overall, Dharla has been doing great. I got out today and rode. Although it was quite windy and we were riding alone, she did fine. She’s still spooky here and there, but nothing too nutty. It’s supposed to rain the next couple of days so I wanted to be sure to get out for a little something today.The temps have been a bit cooler than usual which is actually kind of good as it keeps the no-see-ums down. I did get a face mask with ears for Dharla so when the bugs get too swarmy we’ll be able to stand it. I lunged Dharla in it last week and she got used to it pretty quickly. She typically wears a fly mask in the daytime during the summer, so I figured it wouldn’t be too much different than wearing that. Still, better to test it out in the safety of the arena and see how she does with there before attempting to go out in the woods with it on. I’m thinking she’ll do fine.

We’re getting really close to starting our barn. We had several more loads of fill brought in today so we can do a bit more site work before the materials arrive. We also finally got to burn our gigantic burn pile on Saturday. We’ve been waiting for months to get some rain so we could get a burning permit to burn. After a few days of rain last week we finally got our chance and lit that baby up. My pyro husband was thrilled as it was pretty intense. We also burned our old dog kennel as it’s been falling apart and down for a couple of years now. Wow … LOTS of memories there. I was kind of sad about seeing it go, but we’ll be building a new kennel and I’m sure it will be much better than that old dilapidated thing. Still, the kennel dated back to before 1986 when we moved in here, and all of our dogs have spent time there. It made me think of the dogs we’ve lost over the years. Gunnar, Whitney, Casey, Szatan, Misty, Dozer, Skidder and Sahar, who died the year or so before we moved out to the country. Lots of great dogs memories over the years.

Anyhow, next we have to get the permit approved and filed. I think that should have been done weeks ago, but what do I know? I’m actually looking forward to a few rainy days again so I can catch up on other stuff. Spring can be a little overwhelming when it’s nice out. There’s so much work to be done!

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