April 15 & 16, 2012



I’ve fallen a bit behind in my blogging. Visual impairment will do that I guess! I got out for a nice ride on Sunday. The plan was that the guys were going to ride around 1:00, so Aldo and I tacked up an hour ahead of that and did a little loop together. I like to do this because I can ride for a bit with Aldo and Bullet, then break away and finish my ride alone. This gives me an opportunity to do two things. 1. It allows me to help teach Dharla that it’s OK for us to leave the company of others. Nothing’s going to happen to us and we can continue to enjoy our ride without the “safety” of a group. So far Dharla has accepted this lesson well. On this ride she seemed a slight bit more concerned when we left Bullet and he went the other way, but she didn’t OVER react and that’s what I’m trying to avoid by doing this every now and then. Bullet actually made much more of a fuss than Dharla did and he called out to her repeatedly. This has happened before, but this was the first time Dharla has ever whinnied back. She hollered once, then that was it, but I was surprised as she’s never made a peep before. Overall, she did well. I could tell she was trying to see if Bullet was going to eventually follow us as we went on down the trail alone, but she didn’t struggle to turn around or anything like that. I spoke calmly to her and encouraged her forward and she complied. Although she tends to be more spooky when we’re alone, she did well and it seems she soon forgot about Bullet. We could hear him calling for some time, but eventually he rode out of range. Later, Aldo told me Bullet continued to call for Dharla even after he met up with his buddy and they rode off together. I was kind of surprised by that and it made me even more happy that Dharla chose to be silent. I hate having to listen to a hollering horse!

The second thing this strategy does is it engages Dharla’s mind so that when we get back home she’s a bit more fatigued and less stressed about Bullet being gone. Aldo’s ride usually last anywhere from 3-5 hours and that means Dharla is on her own until they get back. I’ve noticed that when Aldo and Bullet leave and Dharla is left behind, she’s much more stressed out, but if we’ve done a little “send off” ride and come back home alone, she doesn’t seem quite as worried. Not that she doesn’t call and holler; she does! But she’s less dramatic about it. I’ll tell ya, it’s things like this that kind of make me miss having a third horse! 😉

Monday’s ride was a nice jaunt down that AL trail. I got out early because the temps were supposed to reach into the low 90’s and by the time we got back I was glad we were home. It did get unseasonably hot! We didn’t really “work” on anything special because (as I found out later that day) I’m not even supposed to be riding yet. So we took it easy. Still, it’s always great to be out and spend some quality time together!


On another note, I fired my eye surgeon. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and reflecting on what happened to me last week and I know I can’t go back and see this guy again. I mean, I’ve never in my life seen such indifference for a patient’s comfort as I’ve experienced with him and his staff. Since I’m right in the middle of a mess I hate to have to change doctors, but I can’t bring myself to see someone who can’t be trusted not to hurt me. His bedside manner is unconscionable and so I must vote with my feet. He’s done. After discussing this matter at great length with the office manager of this group practice, it’s been decided that I will give them one more try, but with a different doctor.  She assures me the doctor I’m going to see will answer all my questions and treat me with dignity, compassion and respect. So I’ve booked my next follow-up appointment with him and we’ll see how it goes. (No pun intended.)

Meanwhile, there is little to no change in my vision and I still can’t see anything clearly through my right eye. Although I’m not using the dilating drops anymore, the pupil is still dilated and I suspect my vision will remain blurry until that situation changes. I’ve heard (again, the doctor didn’t address this issue) that it can take several weeks for the dilation to diminish, so I’m being patient. For the most part it doesn’t bother me too much unless I’m out in bright sunlight and/or I try to do anything that requires finer vision. I can get by. I did ask the office manager to please find out if I have any restrictions since the doc couldn’t be bothered giving me any directions after my last torture session. Oh, so it turns out I DO have some restrictions. Fancy that! I mean, this idot just put me through hell … you’d kinda think he’d want me to have the best possible shot at a good outcome … or maybe not? Grrrrr! I don’t want to think about it … it makes me so flippin’ mad.

On a happier note: I have a crew of tree workers here today. They’re working on clearing the roadway for our new hay barn.  Oh joy!

PS. I posted a picture of Tia because a recent post by a fellow blogger made me think of her! On a happy note, it’s the first time I’ve posted a picture of Tia since I lost her without tearing up. Yay!

2 thoughts on “April 15 & 16, 2012

  1. Cece does look a lot like Tia, doesn’t she? I’m glad you could post a picture without tearing up – I’d hate for you to cry every time you look at my blog, either!

    It sounds like you’ve made a good decision about the eye doctor. When is your appointment with the new one?

    • I was surprised how similar their head photos are! Kind of neat!

      I see the “new” doc in a few weeks. I’m actually looking forward to it because I hope to learn a lot more than I’ve been told thus far.

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