In A Fog

Foggy morning


I haven’t had time to ride in a few days. The weather has been over the top (hot) and I’ve had to pick my activities carefully. I figured since Dharla hasn’t fully shed her winter coat, it would be better to focus on the yard and garden and go back to riding when the temperatures go back to being somewhere near normal.

I’ve been a bit frantic with the gardens. I don’t recall there ever being a spring where I’ve had to uncover and start working my gardens this early. I’ve literally had day lilies shoot up 2-3 inches overnight. If I don’t get the flower beds cleaned up and mulched now, I won’t be able to go back and do it later on, which means TONS of weeding. Here, its a fine line between growing things you want and keeping the invasive stuff at bay.



I love my gardens, I really do, but every year it gets a little more difficult to do the bull work to keep things under control. Because of my back issues, I can’t do much else on the days when I’m putting lots of energy into the gardens. Typically this is only an issue in the spring and fall, when the major job of splitting and moving things or planting new stuff have to take precedence. I’ve tried doing things in smaller bites, but that really doesn’t make any difference, so now I just hunker down and put everything I’ve got into getting the job done. But it means I don’t have much left in the tank for anything else, including riding.



My goal is to (eventually) have everything growing where I want it so I can just do the seasonal maintenance. I’m starting to realize that’s probably just a fantasy, but it’s what I’m striving to achieve down the line. We’re in the planning stage of building a new barn (mostly for hay storage) and I’m already daydreaming about landscape options and gardens around the site. I think this is an addiction that never ends!


On another note, I’m scheduled for eye surgery next week. Almost everything is done and ready for me to be somewhat laid up for a few days. The recovery is supposed to be fairly simple UNLESS there are complications. Thing is, when you look in the New England Journal of Medicine under Medical Screw-ups, my name is listed. Yeah. So while I’m confident I’m making the right decision to do this and I believe I’ve got the best doc for the job, I’m still a wee bit stressed out about it. The last time I got up at the crack of dawn and took a long dark drive to the hospital for surgery, I came out the other side a totally different person. Broken. Damaged. Disabled. Not the happiest of times. That was fifteen years ago this May, but I guess old memories die hard. I’m trying to keep things in perspective, but my track record isn’t the best. Still, I need to get this done. I’ve waited as long as I possibly can, but my vision is too compromised to put it off any longer. It’s my right eye; my dominant eye, my shooting eye. So yes, I’m (appropriately) concerned about the outcome.

Barring any issues, I should be on the mend soon. Or so they say. If everything goes well I’ll be able to use a computer and watch TV (blah), but I won’t be able to read books for awhile. If things go wrong, it gets ugly. I’ll have to spend 50 minutes of every hour laying face down. Possibly for a few weeks. That might be interesting, to say the least. But since I only have two eyes (well, one that works right now) I’ll hope for the best and do whatever needs to be done for a positive outcome. Meanwhile, I’ve got to get back to my gardens  … chores await me!



PS. I made a new page in the header for the dogs. I thought they deserved a “formal” introduction.

6 thoughts on “In A Fog

  1. Same dilemma as you at the moment, (except, when getting down to spring tasks, I thought the garden pond needed re-lining and the overgrown planting tidying but ended up with a major task, digging it a foot deeper and having to re-route drainage pipes … ) hard to choose between horse and garden, but those perishing weeds never take a break!! (For me I suspect it’s a bit of displacement activity as it’s so much easier feeling in control of the garden.) Really hope your eye surgery goes well: you’ll be my talisman, as I have to have the plate taken out of my leg next month, so I’m trusting we both will be on better form for summer. Best of luck!!

    • Your gardens put mine to shame! I can imagine it’s almost a full-time job certain times of the year. But the rewards? Wow! Your spread is gorgeous! I do hate having to pick and choose my activities, but I rode Dharla a bunch over the winter and I know she’ll be in good enough shape to pick right back up when I have the time. I’m going to try to fit in a ride the day before surgery because who knows what might happen then, but if all goes well I don’t think I’ll be restricted for too long. Your surgery will probably be more involved, but I’ve heard that hardware comes out easier than it goes in. Either way, I’ll be thinking of you and hoping for a speedy recovery when it’s your turn.

    • Thanks! We’ve been unusually lucky this winter and spring, although it actually got too hot too fast and I had to back off riding a bit. I actually like riding in the fog as long as it’s not TOO heavy and wet!

  2. Best of luck for your forthcoming surgery. May it bring you out of the fog.
    And yes, gardening is as addictive as horses. ♥

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