March 7, 2012


There are days when my Australian Cattle Dog is a LOT smarter than me.

I got out and rode today, I’m just really behind logging my notes. Maybe that’s because my ride on this day wasn’t one of my best rides. Thing is, I knew better than to ride. I had planned to get out around noon on this windy, sunny, warm(er) day, but due to a miscommunication with a friend things got all screwed up. I clearly stated that I wanted … well, actually I needed to ride around noon or 12:30. My morning was busy and I had things I had to do later in the afternoon that couldn’t be bumped into the next day. Sometimes I can be very flexible with my riding time, but other times it’s gotta get squeezed in wherever it can. This was one of those days. Truth be told, it probably wasn’t a good idea to try to accommodate a riding pal, but I have trouble saying no. Unfortunately, I also assume people operate under the same principle as me, which is to say that when you’re riding a borrowed horse you do it when it works best for the owner, or you take a pass.

So I gave the horses some hay around 11:30 and brushed the mud off the Lumber Wagon. He’s shedding like crazy now and I returned to the house covered in layer of blonde hair. I waited and puttered, and waited, and puttered more. Meanwhile, the horses ate, then both laid down in the dirt (again) to take a little sunbath and snooze. And there I sat at 2 PM, still waiting, blood pressure rising by the minute. Getting more and more frustrated (and desperate), I put a call out at 1:10 and was assured she was on her way. But no, because it takes fifteen minutes, twenty tops to get from there to here. Bottom line, we didn’t get started until after 2:30 and by then I was in a silent snit.

I hate riding in a pissy mood, but sometimes I have to admit it happens. I try to let things go as soon as I saddle up, but if I’m being honest, that doesn’t always happen either. I know Dharla senses when I’m not myself. I’m stiff, more apt to brace and be impatient. And I was.

So we got out, but we didn’t do squat because both horses were pretty fired up and I’m probably a bit overly cautious when someone is riding my husband’s horse. I guess you could say we ambled, which was not what I had planned for that ride, but there you have it. Later that night when I thought about the ride I made a promise to myself to trust my gut and speak up when something isn’t going to work for me. When I called at 1:00 I should have told my friend the ride was off and gone out alone, or not at all. (Because I was already pissy and short on time by then) I should set a time that works for me and not budge from it on days when my schedule is tight. My horse should never have to suffer a miserly ride because of a series of events that have nothing to do with her.

So I rode, but I hate myself on days like today.

Ride: 6 miles

Time: 2.5 hrs

6 thoughts on “March 7, 2012

    • It’s hard. I’d really like to learn to recognize when I’m about to make this kind of mistake before I’ve committed to it. I know hindsight is 20/20, but at some point you’ve got to admit that it can be pretty darn stupid, too. LOL! I hate letting people down, but I hate letting my horse down more. There’s no excuse for that!

    • Oh thanks! I do love my cattle kids bunches! I’ve got one of each right now, but I’ve gone from being partial to the blues to (more) partial to a GOOD red. I specifically like the well speckled reds that have nice facial masks or markings and good Bentleys. It’s very tough to take great photos of dark colored dogs and the reds really do stand out more. But they are redheads and therefore they can be evil to live with …. sometimes! 😉

  1. I had a ride after work once that I was rushed, trying to
    squeeze it in before dinner etc., sort of a disaster. My horse let me know that is not how we do things. It seems to take a horse to really teach me a good lesson 🙂

    • Well if I’m being honest, I’ve had way too many rides that were either rushed or I started out with some kind of baggage. That’s SO not good. And although I’m usually aware of that on some level, I tend to find it enormously difficult to change mid-stride. But I’m going to try. I want to be more conscious of the sort of “stuff” I bring to the table each time I ride. I think that’s an important goal to have!

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