Down Time



It’s looking like this whole week is going to be a wash. Too many days of very high wind followed by several days of a cold wintery mix means I’m not going to get any riding done. Oh well. Everyone can use a little break now and then. I’m not gonna sweat it. Besides, I think I have a touch of the flu or something. My stomach suddenly started to feel a bit wonky last night and it’s not quite right yet. I have an appointment with the eye specialist tomorrow morning for a pre-surgical consult. I’m sure he’ll dilate me to death and I’ll be mogg-eyed until bedtime. I’m highly sensitive to that stuff and they refuse to use a weaker dilution. So much for Friday!

I took a peek at the forecast ahead and hopefully next week will get better. Hazer hopes so too!

2 thoughts on “Down Time

  1. Hazer appears to be patiently bored. It’s that are we gonna go work sometime soon look.

    BTW – I love the Reds. My first experience with a heeler was a red female, named Chili. It’s all her fault that I’m hooked on these bone-headed dogs.

    • I’ve had five of them, up to three at a time. Hazer’s been (how shall I say this?) a challenge … not particularly the good kind. He didn’t even wag his tail until he was five years old. And no, he was not a rescue or abused. To say he takes life seriously is just a wee bit of an understatement. He could be the poster dog for Autistic Dogs.

      Here, he’s been told to “Down” about five feet away from the Buckskin who, by the way, has a thing for staring at Hazer. And you know what that does to a Cow Dog. Sheesh! Generally speaking though, Hazer is biddable to a fault. He’s just so annoying to live with on general principles.

      I do love the breed and especially the reds. I’m seriously considering adding a new pup this spring or summer. It’s that or a BC (red). We’ll see. It makes me tired just thinking about it. Nothing like a little more chaos!

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