Feb 22, 2012

Winter Sunbath


Much warmer temps today and a decent amount of sun. It’s still very windy, but it’s February. It’s easy to forget that winter and spring is usually a bit more windy when the temps are in the low 50’s!

I got out for a nice jaunt along the AL trail today. Dharla was feeling good and gave me a bit of attitude as we approached the first rocky ledges. I dismounted and found a nice stick to use as a whip as I do think at this point that she’s just pushing my buttons. The icicles are gone and last year she wasn’t giving me any issues walking through the ledges. (She was nervous, which is OK, but she wasn’t blowing off my cues) I think she just remembers this area as being the “sticky, scary” spot and is willfully refusing my cues. I decided to test that with the light encouragement of the stick. Lo and behold, that worked pretty nicely. Hm. From now, until we get this issue resolved, I’ll carry a stick. She’ll get a couple of chances to respond to my cues, then if she outright refuses I’ll use the stick to reinforce my cue a little bit more. I know she’ll soon be walking forward as asked, just fine.

The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful. We did stop twice to chat with hikers and the guy I met on a ride before who was out taking pictures. Dharla was a perfect lady and stood stock still as we talked. I so love that about her!! We had a very nice ride … actually the first time I’ve really been able to relax and let my mind wander a bit. We did a few nice walk/trot transitions, but mostly we just ambled along and enjoyed the nice day. The sun finally came out to stay and the sky was bright blue … it was great to be out together and get some fresh air!

Time: 2.5 hours

Distance: 4 easy miles

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