Jan 31, 2012

The Bean on his way up the hill for breakfast. Sept. '10


Dharla and I got out today. It was an another unseasonably warm (low 50’s) day and for once the wind wasn’t howling and it wasn’t raining. My friend came over and rode (Bullet) with Dharla and me. We ended up having a lengthy discussion about how Bullet’s changed over the last ten months or so. He used to be a very personable, cheerful guy. Almost TOO cheerful … to the point where I had to constantly remind  him to respect my personal space. It wasn’t that he was nasty, he just loved attention and he was a bit of a crowder by nature. When I brushed him he’d literally lean right into me, close his eyes and sigh. Now he pins his ears and nips!

Bullet’s personality didn’t change over night, rather it was a gradual shift in energy. First of all, I have to remember that we lost the two mainstays of our herd in the span of nine months. Granted, Bullet was low horse in the herd, but that probably rocked his world more than we think. And we added a new mare, which is another adjustment in group dynamics, even though they are only a herd of two. So it might just be that Bullet is going through an adjustment period, but it also might be something else. He’s eating well and all his other bodily functions seem normal. It could be a dietary issue, so I’m going to start adding a couple of things to his feed and see if maybe that helps. He was treated for Lyme a few months back and I might have to run a Western Blot test to see if he’s truly over it or not. That might be the issue right there.

We didn’t do anything major on our ride, just a little bumba-deeda down the AL trail. It was nice to feel the sunshine on our faces and get some fresh air. Both horses seemed energetic and happy to be out and about too.

2 thoughts on “Jan 31, 2012

  1. Sometimes when our horses get a little nasty we separate them and spend a little more one on one time with the one that is having the issue, putting him/her in a stall for a couple of days with private turn out time. This usually helps us. I certainly hope it is not a health issue. Good luck 🙂

    • Yeah … I’m not sure what his problem is, it just seems like he’s not the same easy going guy he used to be. I’m going to try some dietary changes first, see if that helps. Sometimes I feed the gelding apart from the mare, just to give him a little break. She can be kind of snarky around the hay rack. Thanks for dropping by and the suggestions!

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