I’ve done a lot of thinking the last 48 hours about my relationship with Dharla and I’ve come to a couple of conclusions.

1. I need to quit basing my progress on what other people have done with their horses.This is MY experience, not theirs and taking three years to do what they did in three months does not detract one thing from the finished product. I need to keep reminding myself this is a JOURNEY, not a destination.

2. I need to give up my need to turn every step into a me or her situation. If she’s not ready to do something then WE’RE not ready. Period. And since we’re a team, that’s really important to remember.

3. I need to look at this as a good opportunity to relearn how to be more optimistic. I used to be, but I lost my sunny outlook somewhere along the line. Having lots of bad shit happen to you is really not an acceptable excuse anymore. Get over it and move on.

4. I need to constantly look for any little willingness to give to my requests and revel in Dharla’s naturally good disposition. Don’t nit-pick a sweet horse to death!

5. I need to quit thinking I’m going to change 45 years of my own bad habits overnight. Learning and putting new information into action takes time. Nobody perfects everything right away, including the ‘experts’ who are teaching. They’ve had years upon years to learn what they know and have tons of different horses and riders to prefect their methods on. In contrast, I’ve only owned three (of my very own) horses. My pool of exposure is far and away more shallow than theirs. Lighten up!!!

6. It’s too easy today get overloaded with information and end up with Paralysis by Over-analysis. Don’t get way ahead of yourself. Read, learn and apply the information that’s applicable to where you are NOW and don’t waste your time trying to grasp concepts that you don’t even need yet!

That’s all for now. I’ll probably come up with more as I move forward.

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