We’ve all had a few. You know, those horses who have a love/hate relationship with each other? They can’t stand to be together, but they can’t stand to be apart, either.



Herd hierarchy is a funny thing. These two don’t have to stand right next to each other, but they will. And then they bicker.



She’ll hold her ground no matter how much he pokes and pesters, but when she’s had enough …. watch out, pal!



She’ll give it right back to him, and then some! Better put your money on the mare to win because she always does! Of course, when either horse leaves to go out on a ride the other screams and hollers like they’ve lost their very best friend in the whole wide world. Go figure. Brats!

How about you? Do you have any brats who have a love/hate relationship with each other?

4 thoughts on “Brats

  1. Indeed…my six-year-old mare gets turned out in the indoor with her next-door neighbor; they are both 14 hand reiners and they seem attached when there’s a wooden wall between them. When the wooden wall becomes open air, though…not so much. My mare just loves to run and play and the other does not appreciate her antics whatsoever.

    • Yup, they’re like a couple of kids sharing the back seat of the car on a long road trip. You just know eventually one’s gonna poke the other and before you know it, all hells gonna break loose! They’re so silly! Glad you stopped by and thanks for the comment!

  2. We have an Arabian rescue who was five when we got him, he’s seven now. Sami is 14-2 hands. Grady our Irish Sporthorse sort of rescue is 18 hands. Now those two go at it rearing and biting everyday around bring in time. But they are the best of friends. Personally, I think that they never got to play. Sami was in a stall for his first five years and Grady was a show horse never out of a tent or show ring. I think they’re making up for lost time but they give me a heart attack when the rearing starts!

    • I think as long as they’re not trying to seriously hurt each other, it’s just their way of expressing themselves. But some horses really do get nasty and I’ve heard stories about horses that run others into fences and really attack them. That would be awful. When we had two geldings (One Arab, the other a QH) they used to pester each other and play what we called ‘The Head Game’ … play fighting and slinging their heads around at each other. But it was harmless. They’d also scratch each other’s back. Not much rearing went on, but they would play “fight” sometimes and fake kicks and bites. Kinda cute to watch. Thanks for dropping by!

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