Jan 10, 2012

Busy day today. I went out and got Dharla around 10 AM and we took a walk down to the arena. We did some basic ground work, then added moving the forequarters and added some finesse to our lunging. Dharla was probably never taught to turn and face the person lunging her when stopped, so I’m working on that, then sending her the opposite direction. She got it OK a couple of times and so we ended on a good note.

Her backing is getting very good. Fast and as many steps as I ask her to take. She also backs very straight, which is nice. Moving her hindquarters is almost perfect on her right side, but a bit less so on her left. Not surprised there She’s crossing her feet nicely for about three steps every time on the right, with no attempt to walk forward. She’s a bit less coordinated on her left and sometimes tries to walk out of it. I tried the forequarter exercise, but I’m a retard and I decided to stop and go back and watch the video again before I try it. Sometimes it seemed like she understood what I was asking, but I botched it up enough that I decided to quit before I just confused her. Duh.

Time: 45 min.

Two hours later I went out and did a trail ride with my friend. It was basically a repeat of the same ride as yesterday only with a “babysitter” horse. Naturally, the icicles we less intimidating with a buddy along for comfort. It got a bit chilly toward the end. We didn’t get back to the barn until almost dark!

Time: 2.5 hours.

Distance: 6 miles

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