Jan 9, 2012



I got out on Dharla today. First ride in a while. Overall, she was pretty good, although we had some issues getting past the big frozen icicles again. She was a bit spooky during most of the ride and while she held it together, she was wound pretty tight. When we reached the first area with icicles I had to do a fair bit of circling to get her thinking that walking on was better than doing more circles. It took some convincing, but eventually she inched her way past. Of course then we had to traverse that stretch several times. I let her walk up to the icicles and smell them, but that didn’t seem to convince her that they were any less dangerous than before. *Sigh*

We continued down the line where I knew we’d get a second, third and fourth chance to encounter the same thing. Each time she was hesitant to pass and needed some convincing. But by the time we turned around for home she was less worried. I think she knew exactly where we are and she knows now when we’re headed for home. And while she’s not overly anxious to get back, she does have her ‘going home’ walk going on. So she wasn’t too worried about passing the icicles on the way home. Imagine that. (Roll eyes)

Not a bad ride per se, but sometimes I wonder how many times she needs to see something before she stops making such a big deal over it? I mean, we see these things every time we go out and still It seems like the same things always seem to bother her. Boulders. Brush. Ice. Water. Sure, the icicles are seasonal items, but the rest of the things we encounter all the time … some multiple times each ride. I’m not trying to push her to accept things too soon, but I do wonder what her timetable will be. Meanwhile, we worked on getting a nice slow trot with a more relaxed (read as: lower) head carriage.

But hey, at least I got out there. It was a bit chilly today. It’s Jan after all!

Distance: 5 miles

Time: 2 hrs.

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