Dec 20, 2011

Had a great herding lesson with the red monster.



That’s an older picture of him working sheep. Today, we started with five or six geese and worked on driving them along a specific course. Hazer did pretty well considering I was doing the handling and I’m a total moron. After about thirty minutes we switched geese for pygmy goats. Hazer is lukewarm about the geese, but he loves those goats. They move faster and push back harder and he likes that. We worked on the same things as we did with the geese, it’s just harder with goats. And I’m a moron. That never changes.

A few hours later my herding instructor and I hit the trail together. She rode my husband’s Q-horse Bullet and I was on Dharla. We didn’t have any special plans … really just a repeat of yesterday for me, but with company. Interesting how Dharla was much more comfortable walking through those icicle spots when she had a babysitter horse with her. In all fairness though, most had melted back a good bit and were far less intimidating on this cloudy day than yesterday, with the sun hitting and reflecting off them like a laser beam.

We did some nice long extended trots. It was relaxing and fun and nice to have company along for a change.

Ride time: 2.5 hrs.

Distance: About 6 mi.

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