Day Off

Well, no ride today or yesterday for that matter. The weather has turned much colder and I’m starting to realize that it’s going to take a lot for me to keep riding through the winter. I simply hate the damp and cold and it wreaks havoc with my bionic back.

Twenty years ago I rode during the winter. I didn’t like the cold back then either, but I didn’t let it stop me from getting out and riding. I’d pile on the layers or zip into my “zoot suit” (a highly unflattering, quilted, one-piece mechanics suit) and go ride. But the older I get the less I want to venture out when the mercury drops below 45. I hunker down inside, venture out as little as humanly possible and gripe about the cold when I’m forced to endure it.

I thought I’d try to keep riding Dharla through the winter, but I don’t know if I can stick to it. Others have told me it’s OK to let her have a little break, but here that can easily mean 12 weeks of rest. It worries me to think what she’ll be like after such a long layoff. I know that’s the longest she’s ever gone without any training or riding since she was started. So we’ll see what happens next!

3 thoughts on “Day Off

    • The horse in my header (the gray) was Tia, my partner for 23 years. I lost her last Jan, at age 28. She was an amazing horse and I put her picture in my header to remind me of two things:

      1. She was a finished product. I should never forget that right now when I’m working with Dharla, who is young and green. It’s too easy to start making comparisons adn that’s not fair.

      2. To rmember to enjoy the journey. We only have them for a little while.

  1. She was obviously very lucky to have you, so many horses are bought and sold throughout their lives, its wonderful to hear of those that find such a committed owner.

    Best of luck with Dharla, I’m sure you’ll go far together!


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