Dec 16, 2011

Another cold, blustery day. I was almost ready to pass on trying to get out and ride when I logged on and read a reply to yesterday’s blog that encouraged me enough to get suited up and head out to the barn. I was kind of expecting a repeat of yesterday’s performance, so imagine my surprise when it turned out to be one of our best rides ever. Same trail. Same conditions. Who woulda thunk?

We jogged most of the trail on the way out. I wanted to keep Dharla moving and try to avoid giving her enough time to think about pulling any shenanigans. I don’t know if that worked or if she just had her thinking cap on today, but she was fully tuned into everything I asked her to do and did it with no complaints or issues. When we got to the “big scary place” where I’ve had trouble with her balking twice now, she hesitated a half a beat, then moved casually on like it was nothing. YAY! I was thrilled!

We worked on nice quiet walk/trot transitions, keeping the head nice and level, and quiet halts. This is all just review for us, but good to keep drilling just the same. Dharla was very responsive and willing, really thinking and moving well today. Overall, I was quite pleased! What a great way to end our week! Phew!

Ride time: 2 hrs. Miles: about 6 or so.

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