Getting Geared up

Yesterday, I was excited to find a white box sitting on my front steps. I’ve had roofers working here for the last three days and needless to say, it’s been a tad chaotic and noisy. I didn’t even realize UPS had been at my house. I knew what was inside the box and I excitedly scooped it up and brought it in the house.

For the last few weeks I’ve been shopping for a good rope training halter. A friend has loaned me her Clinton Anderson ground training library (Clinton actually encourages his students to share his DVDs) and I needed some new gear to get rolling. I looked at the equipment Clinton sells in his online store and franky, his prices are just a tad too high for me. So I looked around online and finally found a wonderful source where I could order exactly what I needed at a price that I could afford.

I went out and measured Dharla’s head to insure proper sizing and naturally, she fell in-between sizes. So I wrote the owner of the website and she replied proptly, telling me what size she felt I should order. Finding her quick reply encouraging, I wrote again, asking about the placement of the knots on her halters because I’d noticed that her halters were designed slightly different than Anderson’s. She again wrote back promptly and gave a detailed explanation about why she places the knots where she does, and her opinion about the difference. I did a little more “research” on equine anatomy and found that her explanation was actually quite anatomically correct. I think this was the clincher for me and I sat down and drew up my order.

Normally I’m a basic black girl, meaning, I typically default to the color black when ordering animal gear. My reason for this is that most of my horse and dog training equipment inevitably gets dragged through the mud and left (accidentally) outside in the elements. I don’t neglect my gear on purpose, but I don’t see any point in ordering pretty colored stuff if it’s only going to fade and get dirty. And I’m just not a foo-foo kind of cowgirl. Brown, black … those colors work fine for me.

Unfortunately, my source was out of black for some of the gear I wanted to order. I could have ordered a black rope halter, but my barn is sometimes dimly lit and with my lousy eyes that makes finding stuff a bit tricky. So I settled on a royal blue rope halter. Part of me shutters when I say that, but I’m sure it will look fine. She was also out of black leads in the diameter I wanted, so I was forced to order the white with blue flecks. I  know a white lead will be filthy in no time, but I didn’t want to back order and wait for black. Besides, I ordered a black longe line and this will make it easy to tell them apart in a hurry.

I also ordered a four foot line that I can attach to my training stick. I already own the stick, but I needed a line that I can add or remove easily and this fits the bill. The only “luxury” item I allowed myself to get is a paracord knotted rope halter. My horse is a sensitive Arabian and once she totally “gets” a step of our training I don’t see the need to keep using the regular rope training halter. Or so goes my reasoning! I bought the paracord halter in gold. The cording is black. It looks pretty snazzy and it matches the Survival Strap that I always wear whenever I ride. How cool is that?

So I have all my nifty new gear and it’s freezing cold outside today. I’m waiting for it to warm up a little more so I can go out and do a training session using my new stuff. I hope Dharla is as excited as me!